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Countdown to Advent

The Christmas countdown has begun this past week for many people who are expectantly waiting and getting ready for the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. I remember as a little girl, getting the advent calendar and waking up every morning with great anticipation to open one more day of the calendar and eat a chocolate that would help me countdown to the day that I would find presents tucked away under our Christmas tree.

As I got older, the meaning of Advent has changed over the years for me. This year especially we have talked about not only looking forward to the day of celebrating Christ’s birth, but also looking forward to the day of the Second Advent. The day when Jesus will return to take his bride, the church.

It’s a season of resetting Jesus Christ at the center of our lives. It’s easy to be carried away by the busyness of the holidays and preparations for them, but if Jesus isn’t at the center of them, then the holiday itself has no meaning.

As a newly wed couple, we are so excited to start our own Christmas traditions. As well as decorating our home with evergreen, finding the perfect little Christmas tree, watching and reading Christmas movies and books, and having friends over.

As we are getting ready for this beautiful time of the year, I hope that we may daily get ready for the Second Advent. Just as Christmas preparations don’t last forever and the day finally arrives, in such a way the day of Jesus’ second coming will come upon us as well.

16 days left till Christmas!


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