Disconnecting to be Connected: Taking a break from Social Media

Pinterest perfect pictures of dream homes, families, vacations, clothes and relationships had me hooked and obsessed. I would check my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts numerous times a day. By numerous I mean within an hour my social media accounts were checked up to 10 times. It stole my time, my energy, and my joy. […]

One-Way Ticket

Katie-” Let’s buy our ticket today?” Alex-“Let’s do it!” And that is exactly how it happened. At 10pm, way past our weekday bedtime, we bought our one way ticket to a year of adventures, travels and learning. That night I couldn’t fall asleep, I couldn’t believe what we just did. That on September 2nd, 2017 […]

Sand Dunes of Oregon

The wind-sculpted sand dunes of the Oregon Coast stretch for 40 miles from the charming old town of Florence to Coos Bay. The Oregon Sand Dunes are the largest stretch of coastal sand dunes in North America.  The dunes and the little coastal town of Florence hold numerous opportunities for adventure and serenity. I’ve always wanted […]

Abiqua Falls

A few Saturdays ago we decided that it was way too hot to stay in our little apartment. We needed to go somewhere really cool and cool off. Subsequently we started searching for popular swimming holes in Oregon and came upon Abiqua Falls, a majestic waterfall situated near Scott Mills, OR in a beautiful forest. The description […]