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Hello and welcome to our contact page!

You are most likely here having followed our account and realizing that you really like something about us. Our interests are varied and we want to make sure you are served promptly. To help us out please include one of the following headings in your subject line.


You are a hotel, tour agency, or business owner that really loves our content. You would love to partner with us for marketing purposes because you believe that our audience would absolutely love hearing about what you have to offer. Let’s connect! We would love to be able to work together.


You are a volunteer organization that would love for us to come visit. You believe our audience would love hearing about you, and learning about your mission. Send us a message we would love to celebrate your work, and learn more about you!


You have heard that Katie is a teacher, has done tutoring, and you are interested in having your child tutored with a world perspective on learning. You don’t mind dealing with terrible internet and inconsistent times for lessons because you love us. Let’s do it!


Your business has a fledgling online presence and you would love to get consulted on how to grow it.  Let’s talk about it, and make a plan on how to make your business really epic!


You’re a fan and you just want to talk to us. We totally love you very much, and are excited to hear from you! Send us a message, we can’t wait to meet you 🙂


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We will get back to you as soon as South America’s subpar WiFi allows us too! 🙂