Dear Bride

Dear Bride, I was a bride myself several months ago, eager, excited and anxious. After dating nine months and getting engaged and saving the date for our big day six months out, I couldn’t wait to marry the man of my dreams. Let me tell you, planning a wedding wasn’t easy but the process itself was so […]

A work in progress

As the wedding day came closer, I dreamed of our dream house that we would someday live in. I created a pin board especially for it. Another pin board for a dream bedroom, kitchen and things that I would like to have once married. Dreaming isn’t bad, but in reality everything is a work in progress, […]

The Wedding Day

1. Picture Board  A few weeks before the wedding, I started working on a picture display board. I included pictures of us growing up, pictures with our friends and family, and pictures of us when we were dating. Our photographer captured a perfect shot of my dress and our years of youth. A moment that […]

How We Met

When I first saw her one word jumped to the forefront of my mind. Real. Here was a girl that was all 100% unadulterated real. I didn’t know a single thing about her (except that she had just bit my friend) but something about her shined out at me. Maybe it was her full smile, […]

Hello World!

Hello World! We are Al and Katie Genstiskiy, a newly married couple, currently based in the Pacific Northwest. I (Al) am an electrician while Katie is a 4th grade teacher. We are both very adventurous taking every opportunity to hike, bike, climb, read, or dream up wild ideas together. We hope to share our adventures with you as […]