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    Four Cognitive Tools To Help You Be Successful

    maras salt pools, peru, Work Hard, Successful

    Having A Great Idea Is Not Enough I have met countless people who have really amazing dreams but are terrified of the idea of trying to go after them. They believe that there is no way they can be successful. Others cannot even imagine having a dream because the idea of trying to actualize it, petrifies them. People quickly imagine the struggling street musician, or waitress who auditions for acting parts – all to no avail. Dreams are for the…

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    Just Do Something

    At different points in my life and even now I have felt like I didn’t have things figured out. I didn’t know what the next step was and looking around it seemed…

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    Europe Road Trip Photo Diary

    Munich, Germany It all started when my mom surpised my dad and younger sisters on Christmas with tickets to Europe. Of course we couldn’t pass up this opporutnity, so we started…

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    Fourth Grade Adventures

    As this school year comes to an end and I finally finished cleaning out my classroom, I find myself reflecting on my journey as a fourth grade teacher. This year has…

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    Last weekend my friend Liya and I had the opportunity to check out Work/Shop. It’s a cute little shop filled with inspiring goods created by artists as well as a work area that…

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    March in the Classroom

    The month of March was a time of celebrating what Easter is all about in creative ways. With my husbands help I was able to fill colorful plastic eggs with meaningful objects…