Last weekend my friend Liya and I had the opportunity to check out Work/Shop. It’s a cute little shop filled with inspiring goods created by artists as well as a work area that allows the shop to host creative makers from an array of workshops in town to teach classes for skilled crafters and beginners like me. […]

A work in progress

As the wedding day came closer, I dreamed of our dream house that we would someday live in. I created a pin board especially for it. Another pin board for a dream bedroom, kitchen and things that I would like to have once married. Dreaming isn’t bad, but in reality everything is a work in progress, […]

The Wedding Day

1. Picture Board  A few weeks before the wedding, I started working on a picture display board. I included pictures of us growing up, pictures with our friends and family, and pictures of us when we were dating. Our photographer captured a perfect shot of my dress and our years of youth. A moment that […]

How We Met

When I first saw her one word jumped to the forefront of my mind. Real. Here was a girl that was all 100% unadulterated real. I didn’t know a single thing about her (except that she had just bit my friend) but something about her shined out at me. Maybe it was her full smile, […]